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First Session will Start early November, 2019 - See other divisions in chart below

Competitive Division: **
U10 6v6 $875/Team
U12/U14 8v8 $1075/Team
High School 7v7 $975/Team

Session I starts in November 2019 and runs seven weeks.  For U12/U14 the cost is $1075/team and play is 8v8 with a maximum roster of 16 players (you may have more on your roster but only 16 show up for the games).   High School will play 7v7 and cost will be $975/team(max roster of 16). For U10 cost is $875/team and play is 6v6 with a maximum roster of 12 players (you may have more on your roster but only 12 show up for the games) All referees are supplied and paid for by TSC as a part of the team fee.  A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.   Complete payment must be made by the first week of the start of the session. Competitive teams are expected to provide their own game shirts (you may buy jerseys from us at an additional cost).   All players must have a valid membership at TSC, that cost is $15/year and runs 365 days from the date you registered for the membership.  Playoffs are scheduled during week seven for the top four teams in each division.  All player numbers above include goalie.
** Team fees are broken into a fee paid to TSC and monies kept by coach to pay referee each week.  Competitive league ref payments:
U10:  $10/game to ref ($805 to TSC)
U12 &  U14  $15/game to ref ($970 to TSC)
HS:  $15 to ref ($870 to TSC)

Download the Coach's Information Packet for more information.

                                                              Session I (Nov-Dec)
Start Date End Date Day Times Field
08/09 (Formerly U10 Boys 6v6 11/08 12/20 Fri 5:00p - 9:00p Progress Lined/Boarded

08/09 (Formerly
U10 Girls 6v6

11/09 12/21 Sat 1:30p – 6:30p Progress Lined
06/07 (Formerly
U12 Boys 8v8
11/09 12/21 Sat 2:00p – 9:00p Potash Lined
06/07 (Formerly
U12 Girls 8v8
11/09 12/20 Sat 2:00p - 9:00p Potash Lined
04/05 (Formerly
U14 Boys 8v8
11/06 12/18 Wed 5:00p - 9:00p Potash Lined
04/05 (Formerly
U14 Girls 8v8
11/06 12/18 Wed 5:00p - 9:00p Potash Lined
99/03 Formerly
HS Boys  7v7
11/03 12/15 Sun 3:00p-11:00p Potash Lined
99/03 Formerly
HS Girls  7v7
11/03 12/15 Sun 3:00p - 11:00p Potash Lined
We are now doing birth year only requirements. Please make sure your players fit within the table below.




Date of Birth Requirements

Born On or After

08/09 (Formerly U-10)




06/07 (Formerly U-12)




04/05 (Formerly U-14)




99-03 (Formerly U-19)






Competitive teams U12 and above will move to our new facility in Tyngsboro at 500 Potash Hill Rd. and play on a larger lined field 8v8. High School will play 7v7

See below for age guidelines
Note:  TSC reserves the right to alter games times based on signups.  The above times are estimates and may expand or contract based on the number of teams registered to play. 

We have two fields and games will be played either on the Boarded field or the Lined field .  The Boarded field is an enclosed field much like a hockey rink, with OOB being anything above the boarded walls.  The Lined field is like an outdoor field, there are lines for OOB.  Both turf fields have granular rubber infill which cleats or sneakers may be worn on.

 There will be a total of 7 games (unless noted) having 2-25 minute halves in each session, generally the top four teams compete in a playoff the 7th week.  We may expand playoff size depending on number of teams.   Maximum roster size is 16.  Your team will have a preferred time during the first two weeks of the current session to solidify your slot for the next session.  After that second week, we open the registration up to everyone else.  To secure your spot, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required.  The full team fee must be complete one week prior to the start of the session.  If that is not done your team will not be placed on the schedule and we will take any waitlist teams to fill that slot.  All player memberships must be current/valid one week prior - any player not having a valid membership will not be allowed on the field of play. 

Another option is to have the players pay the center directly and take the coach out of the collection's business.  To do this, all player's will pay $100/person to the center (plus membership).  A minimum of 10 players is required to opt in for this plan and the $100 deposit is still required and may be applied to a player (coaches son/daughter) or refunded when all players have paid.  Team signups may be done by phone or at the center.  Please call the center at 978-649-9393.

Don't have a team?  Signup as a FREE AGENT and we will try to find you one.  Go to the free agent page for more info

Live in Nashua?  Check out your website for information on getting on a local team: 

Nashua Youth Soccer Winter Indoor

Westford and Chelmsford Youth Soccer players who DO NOT already have at team please register as a free agent online and use the respective WYSA or CYSA links

Prices do not include the youth membership of $15/year (good for one year from time of payment).  The Tyngsboro Sports Center reserves the right to move teams between divisions.   Schedule is subject to change therefore we encourage you to check our website for league information.  TSC reserves the right to cancel or postpone a league if enrollment requirements are not met.  If the league/session is canceled a refund will be made. Please see our Weather Policy tab for information regarding game cancelations for bad weather.