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Tyngsboro Sports Center offers leagues, camps & clinics in soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball, softball, field hockey, & more. We also host events, birthday parties, and fundraisers. We are family owned and operated.

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When booking a birthday please gather phone and email and let parent know they will receive an email immediately after the booking is complete.  Also let them know they will receive a second email a week before party.  To send those emails:

1) Look up or add parent's email
2) Send email and make it from: Tyngsboro Sports Center with a return email of  Heading should say:  Thank you for booking 
  party at TSC!!
3)  Select template:  Birthday_Initial_Email from list and add bday kid's name and date/location
4)  Send a second email using template:  Birthday_Final_Email
5) Use heading:  Birthday Confirmation for ___ -
  Example:  January 6th at 1:00P
6) Change name, date in email body
7) Select bottom option where it asks to send email at a later date, choose the Monday before the date of the party and time of 9:30A (this will set up second email to be sent a week before)

8) Last thing...send a third email going out the day after the party using the "Birthday Thank you" template, change name only in that one.  Email header should read:  Thank you for having birthday at TSC!!


Saturday Youth Programs: 09/18 - 10/23 


Lil Strikers: AGES 18M - 3 1/2:  (MAX 16)        

8:30 Lil Strikers:  11          RUNNING

9:30 Lil Strikers: 18           RUNNING (FULL)

10:30 Lil Strikers: 16          RUNNING (FULL)

11:30 Lil Strikers: 3          RUNNING

Strikers: AGES 3 - 4 1/2:  (MAX 14)        

8:30 Strikers: 7          RUNNING

9:30 Strikers: 15          RUNNING (FULL)

10:30 Strikers: 13         RUNNING

11:30 Strikers: 2          NOT RUNNING

Shooters: AGES 4 1/2 - 6: (MAX 16)

9:30 Shooters: 13          RUNNING (FULL)

10:30 Shooters: 5          RUNNING

11:30 Shooters: 7           RUNNING

Basketball : AGES 4 1/2 - 6:  (MAX 14)

8:30 Basketball: 4          RUNNING

9:30 Basketball: 6          RUNNING

10:30 Basketball: 3        RUNNING

Floor Hockey: AGES 3-6:  (MAX 14)

9:30 Floor Hockey:
10:30 Floor Hockey: 1

Multisports: 3-6:  (MAX 14)

8:30: Multisports: 6        RUNNING

9:30: Multisports:     5    RUNNING

10:30: Multisports: 13      RUNNING (FULL)

11:30: Multisports: 5      RUNNING

TBall  3-6 

9:30 TBall  8     RUNNING

10:30 TBall 4     RUNNING

11:30 TBall 2          NOT RUNNING

Lil Sticks 3-6:  (MAX 12)

9:30 Lacrosse:  1

10:30 Lacrosse:  3     RUNNING



WEEKDAY YOUTH CLASSES...starting on September 13th
(Registrations as of 9/13/21)
Maximum per class: 12

TUESDAY (9/14-10/19):
MS at 9:30am: 13...RUNNING
LS at 10:30am: 8 sign ups...RUNNING

WEDNESDAY (09/15-10/20):
LS at 9:15am: 4 sign ups...RUNNING
MS at 10:30am: 4 sign ups...RUNNING
MS at 12:30pm: 6 sign ups...RUNNING

THURSDAY (09/16-10/21):
LS at 9:15am: 10 sign ups...RUNNING
ST at 10:30am: 8 sign ups...RUNNING

FRIDAY (09/17-10/22):
MS at 9:15am: 8 sign ups...RUNNING
TB at 9:30am: 6 sign ups...RUNNING
ST at 10:30am: 9 sign ups...RUNNING


***NEW SESSION beginning on October 25th...

MONDAY (10/25-11/29):
MS at 9:15am: 1 sign up
SH at 10:30am: 1 sign up
ST at 12:30pm: 2 sign ups
SH at 1:30pm: 3 sign ups

TUESDAY (10/26-11/30):
ST at 9:15am: 1 sign up
MS at 9:30am: 3 sign ups
LS at 10:30am: 4 sign ups...RUNNING

WEDNESDAY (10/27-12/01):
LS at 9:15am: 4 sign ups...RUNNING
SH at 9:30am: 1 sign up
ST at 10:15am: 1 sign up
MS at 10:30am: 2 sign ups
MS at 12:30pm: 1 sign up
ST at 12:30pm: 1 sign up
TB at 1:30pm: 3 sign ups...RUNNING
LLS/FH at 1:30pm: 1 sign up

THURSDAY (10/28-12/02):
LS at 9:15am: 5 sign ups...RUNNING
MS at 10:15am: 1 sign up
ST at 10:30am: 2 sign up
BB at 12:30pm: 1 sign up

FRIDAY (10/29-12/03):
MS at 9:15am: 1 sign ups
SH at 11:15am: 2 sign ups
TB at 9:30am: 1 sign up
LS at 10:15am: 3 sign ups...RUNNING
ST at 10:30am: 9 sign ups
MS at 12:30pm: 2 sign ups


** 3 minimum to run, 8 maximum

09/13 - 10/18 

Monday 4pm: ( 8 sign up)  FULL

Thursday 10am: ( 6 sign up) RUNNING

Thursday 11am: ( 5 sign ups) RUNNING

Friday 10am: ( 8 sign up) FULL

Friday 4pm: ( 6 sign up) RUNNING

Friday 5pm: ( 8 sign ups) FULL


10/29 - 12/16 (Please note this is an 7 week session - check pricing)

** 3 minimum to run, 8 maximum

Monday 4pm: ( 3 sign up)  RUNNING

Thursday 10am: ( 1 sign up) 

Thursday 11am: ( 3 sign ups) RUNNING

Friday 10am: ( 4 sign up) RUNNING

Friday 4pm: ( 0 sign up) 

Friday 5pm: ( 2 sign ups) 



Youth Flag Football: Sunday's 09/12-10/17 

MM-Mitey Mites Ages 7-9 (10a-11a): 12 sign ups

MM-Mitey Mites Ages 7-9 (11a-12p): 0 sign ups NOT RUNNING

JR-ProBowlers Ages 10-12 (12p-1p): 12 sign ups 

ProBowlers Ages 12-14 (1p-2p):  3 sign up NOT RUNNING

FALL TSX Clinics:

Soccer:Thursday's 5:00p-6:00p (max. 15):  6 sign ups

Basketball: Wednesday's (Grades 1-3) 4:00p-5:00p (max. 12):  12 sign ups (FULL)

                     Wednesday's (Grades 3-6) 5:00p-6:00p (max. 12):  10 sign ups

Volleyball: Tuesday (Grades 5-9) 7:00p-8:00p (max. 15):  15 sign ups (FULL)

                    Tuesdays (Grades 5-9) 8:00p-9:00p (max. 15):  15 sign ups (FULL)

Baseball: Thursday's 5:00p-6:00p (max. 12):  5 sign ups  

Boy's Lax: Tuesday's 5:00p-6:00p (max. 20):  15 sign ups

Girl's Lax: Tuesday's (Grades 1-6) 5:00p-6:00p (max. 12):  10 sign ups


Adult Offerings:

Men's O40 Indoor Soccer: Thursday's between 8:00pm-11:00pm at Potash SEPTEMBER 2021

Men's Flag Football: Wednesday's 9:00pm-11:00pm at Potash (Max. 10-12 teams) September session FULL, new session October 27th. 

Men's Pick Up Lax: Tuesday's 8:00pm-10:00pm at Progress SEPTEMBER 2021



 DROP IN: $5/hour/per person  Monday - Friday 7:00am-3:00pm 

 PICKLEBALL PUNCH CARDS: Daytime/Weekday Pickleball Punch card: $40, good for 10hrs of daytime/weekday play (2 punches for 2hr session)

 RESERVATION: Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm, Cost: $10/player for a group of 4 or more, for 2 hours 

                                  *** To check number of players signed up to play at any given time/date go to the SignUp Genius on page **


Indoor Soccer:

Free Agents:

A. Free agents are soccer players who want to play but do not have a team. Most sessions boys and girls U8, U10, U12 are candidates for free agent teams. In some cases we dont create our own team but we find a team for them on another team entered in the session that needs players. If we find them another NON TSC team they pay their own fee to the coach, whatever that is. Each free agent pays a flat fee of $100 per session (plus membership), we have a deal with Westford and Chelmsford Youth Soccer Associations where their members pay $85 (plus memberships.

B. We have free agent teams in BU8 (LIVERPOOL & WEST CHELSEA UNITED),  BU10 (MANCHESTER UNITED), GU10R (EVERTON), and GU12R (CHELSEA UNITED).  Take payment of $100 per child, plus $15 membership if needed.  $85 from kids that have come through Westford Youth Soccer (WYSA) or Chelmsford Youth Soccer (CYSA) plus $15 membership if needed.   Fill out Waiver/Reg form (or use one they already filled out) and staple payment or mark paid and put in appropriate team folder at Potash.  PLACE THEM ON APPROPRIATE TEAM.

Some Rules:

1. Do not take any fee unless there is a team to put them on.

2. Try to group like towns on the free agent teams (try to put all Chelmsford kids on the same team where possible)

3. Max 10 players for U8 and 12 players for U10 and above.

4. A team should be created for each, place only PAID players on team rosters.

5. Kids from Nashua can do our free agent teams but Nashua Youth Soccer (NYSL) puts their own teams in and we should refer them to NYSL website for indoor soccer.

6. Two children ge a 10% second child discount.

7. The teams should be listed on each league folder and roster form should be inside it. Place players name on paper roster and fill out membership form and attach payment.


Session I Indoor Soccer

Free Agents: League Capacity

Coed U8 - Newcastle, Liverpool, and Bristol Rovers (MAX 10)

GU10 Rec:  Drake FC and Forteleza (MAX 12)

BU10 Rec:  Manchester United and Revolution (MAX 12)

GU12 Rec: Gulligan and Newcastle (MAX 14)



   a)  Verify we have room by checking  folders, will show a max.  If full, take waitlist (no deposit) in case someone drops out and ask Darryl or Brian for status

   b)  If room, take league name (example, BU10R), team name or town, coach and any assistant coach or manager info (name, email, phone).  Place on front of folder at Potash, example:  TYNGSBORO (WICKENS) pd 100

   c)  Take $100 depsoit.  No deposit, no team.

   d)  Do not add team in system









*Must be playing in current session and rental is for team playing