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3v3 Soccer Christmas Challenge –
Wednesday, December 27


  • 2 – 12 min. halves – No Goalies
  • 3 games guaranteed + playoffs for those that qualify
  • Pugg Goals

Age Groups:

  • U8 Co-Ed
  • BU & GU10
  • BU & GU12
  • BU & GU14
  • HS JV & Varsity (B & G)
  • Adult (Women & Men & Co-Ed)


  • Min. 3
  • Max. 6


  • $180/Team
  • Includes 1st Place Awards and Referees


- Unlimited “flying” subs
- Kick-in’s (4 second rule)
- No offsides
- No slide tackling
- Bring alternate jersey
- Shin guards required
- A red card or multiple yellow cards may result in ejection from the tournament and is at the discretion
      of the tournament director—all decisions are final.
- All fouls committed are unobstructed, direct kicks at goal.
- All players must stand behind the ball before the shots is taken. Once kicked, the ball
     is live. The player fouled must take the kick unless injured. Goal Kicks are taken from inside the
- No ball, rolling or stopped, may be touched by a player in the semicircle.
- If the defender blocks a shot in this area, a goal is awarded. No players are allowed in the semicircle.
- No play may act as goalkeeper.
- Players will be warned once during a match with a second infraction resulting in a
     goal. Kickoffs, corners, throw-ins (are taken by a kick-in) and goal kicks are all direct shots with a
     six second rule to include a five yard space.
-   3 yds on free kicks

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