Youth Soccer | Tyngsboro Sports Center
Tyngsboro Sports Center offers leagues, camps & clinics in soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball, softball, field hockey, & more. We also host events, birthday parties, and fundraisers. We are family owned and operated.

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Session I (Beginning of November - Mid December)

Session II ( Beginning of January - Mid February)

Please call us at 978-649-9393 to put your team in or if you have any questions about our leagues. We require a $100 deposit to hold your team spot. 

Recreational Leagues

  • There will be a total of 7 games (unless noted)
  • Each game consists of two 25-minute halves. 
  • There are no playoffs in the Recreational divisions
  • Please download the Coach Packet for more information
Division (Girls)     Start/End Date      Time    
2016/17 (U8)  (6v6)       11/04 - 12/16    1:30p - 3:30p 
2014/15 (U10)  (8v8)     11/04 - 12/16        9a - 2p
2012/13 (U12)  (8V8)     11/04 - 12/16        1p - 7p


Division (Boys)     Start/End Date      Time    
2016/17 (U8)  (6v6)   11/04 - 12/16    1:30p - 3:30p  
2014/15 (U10)  (8v8)     11/04 - 12/16        7a - 11a
2012/13 (U12)    (8V8)       11/04 - 12/16        1p - 7p

NOTE: The times are start and stop times for the games.  Depending on the number of teams they may be later/earlier than the listed times but should be within these ranges.  There may be instances where the league expands the number of teams and your games fall outside of these.

* For any players that are outside of the correct birth year but played this past fall with their grade, the coach must provide an outdoor league approved roster showing this players name in order for them to be able to play.

Competitive Leagues

  • There will be a total of 7 games (6 Regular and last week is playoffs)
  • Each game consists of two 25-minute halves.
  • Please download the Coach Packet for more information
Division (Boys)     Start/End Date      Time    
2014/15 (U10)  (8v8)     11/10 - 12/22    5p - 8p


Team Fee Information

Division Total Team Fee Details
2016/17 (U8) $1,050 ($980 to TSC, $10/game to referee)
2014/15 (U10) $1,165 ($1060 to TSC, $15/game to referee) 
2012/13 (U12)   $1,165 ($1,060 to TSC, $15/game to referee)  
  • The full team fee must be complete one week prior to the start of the session.  If that is not done your team will not be placed on the schedule and we will take any waitlist teams to fill that slot.
  • For the first 2 weeks of the current session, your team will have this preferred time to solidify your slot for the following session.  After that second week, we open the registration up to everyone else. To secure your spot, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required.  
  • All player memberships must be current/valid one week prior - any player not having a valid membership will not be allowed on the field of play. 


Additional Information

  • TSC reserves the right to alter games times based on signups.  The above times are estimates and may expand or contract based on the number of teams registered to play. 

  • TSC reserves the right to move teams between divisions (for teams who are clearly in the wrong division:).   
  • Schedule is subject to change; therefore we encourage you to check our website for league information
  • TSC reserves the right to cancel or postpone a league if enrollment requirements are not met.
  • If the league/session is canceled, a refund will be made
  • DON'T HAVE A TEAM?   Signup as a free agent and we will try to find you one.  Go to the FREE AGENT section for more info.
  • LIVE IN NASHUA?   Check out your website for information on getting on a local team: Nashua Youth Soccer Winter Indoor



We are an indoor facility. Because our fields are not affected by the weather, we very rarely close our facility. If the weather is very bad outside (Snow, Ice, Heavy Rain….) please use your own judgment on whether to venture outside. All Games, Clinics and Rentals will be held unless we close our facility. There are no refunds, make-ups, or credits given due to the weather if our facility is open. In the event we do close our facility, we will make arrangements for lost time scheduled around available times. All facility closings will be posted on the home page of our website and a telephone message will be on our phone system. It is up to the coaches/instructors/rentals to notify their players/participants of any facility closings or if they decide not to come in due to the weather conditions regardless if the center is open. If coaches/instructors/rentals decide on their own not to come in, they must notify the center.

We have a generator so power outages at the center are not an issue.