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 TSC - A Green Facility

In late 2010 we began to look into the potential of solar energy as an alternative to the traditional electrical grid usage.  We received several quotes and options and decided to go with Second Generation Energy Co. out of Hopedale, MA.  They had installed a system across the street from our facility and we found that project to be done very well, on time and on budget.  We signed the agreement in the spring of 2011 and received financing from our banking partners at Enterprise Bank who understood the benefits, both financial and environmental, in a solar solution.

Our Progress Ave facility required a 100Kw system to fulfill our entire electrical capacity.  We decided to initially install a 50Kw system and see how it performs in the first year (and validate Second Generation projections!!).   The system, including 221 panels, was installed in April 2011 and was done in an unbelievable three weeks from start to finish.  Second Generation technicians did an incredible job of installing the system in a professional manner and workmanship. 

Over the year (from 4/2011) we saw a precipitous drop in our electric bill.   Some months I had a hard time discerning if the bill was for my house or business, it was that low!!  In February, 2012 I approached Second Generation about completing the second phase of the project and install the other 221 panels for a full 100Kw system.  That installation was completed in April 2012.  Ever since we have been just about energy independent for our electricity.  

After our second facility at Potash Hill Road was built and operational we again looked at solar as a solution to our electric needs.  A 175Kw system was installed in June 2018 and is operating today, saving the environment as well as helping us keep our utility costs under control.

In 2019 we will be installing additional solar capacity on our buildings however this electricity will be sent back tot he grid for the electric companies to augment their suppliers...stay tuned for details of that project.


We are truly a green company both inside and outside our facilities.  Although our business relies on bad weather, we LOVE a sunny day!!  


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500 Potash Hill Road, Tyngsboro, MA 01879