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Expansion Update: Steel building arrives 5/20 and we're on target for an October opening!!

TSC is Expanding

Going into 2024, we are very happy to announce plans to expand our Potash Hill Road facility.  This past September marked the start of our 19th year in business and that milestone could never have been a reality without the continued strong and unwavering support of YOU, our loyal friends and supporters.  Many who have had the same rental day/time for years, have been there all the way and children that were in our early classes who are now youth coaches at the center!   We are also incredibly grateful for our tremendous team of coaches, managers, and staff that have been with us for many of those 18 years and had an indelible mark on that success. 

We began in 2005 with our Progress Ave location.  I recall after we met with the bank committee the only concern one banker had was that we were not building it big enough – he was right!  Once it became evident in 2011 that we needed more space and couldn’t expand Progress Ave we secured land at Potash Hill Road and finished construction of the current 75,000sf facility.   Once complete in 2017 our plans were always to add on to Potash and lease or sell Progress.  The unbelievable events in March, 2020 curtailed those plans and even put the entire business at risk.  We managed through the pandemic with the help of our financial backers as well as the resiliency of our base of warrior customers who came back and brought the business back over pre-pandemic levels.  In 2022, we refreshed our plans and in May 2023 leased Progress Ave and began the steps for the expansion.  Today, we have the plans and the financing in place to double the size of the Potash Hill Road facility, we will be adding three indoor fields (and yes, the glass rink-like field will be back!!), two birthday rooms and two batting cages directly onto the existing building.  We also have planned for a two story 5,000sf pub and are looking for an interested partner to fill that space. 

Although we have many good memories of our years at Progress Ave, having everything under one roof will be so much better for the operation of the business as well as eliminate the confusion of two facilities with our customers.   With TSC being down to one facility this winter we understand you have had to make choices with other facilities in the area for rentals and leagues, we hope you will be back with us next fall when the expansion is completed.

Thank you again for 18 solid years of support and we look forward to the future of providing a larger home for youth and adult sports/activities for our community to enjoy.