Q)        Where does TSC get the birthday pizza from?
A)         We get the pizza from Maves Kitchen in Tyngsboro (phone 978-649-8500).  If you have any dietary of allergy concerns you should contact them for details

Q)      What is MAVE's pizza dough ingredients?  
A)       Flour, water, salt, sugar, olive oil, canola oil, and yeast

Q)       What is MAVE's pizza sauce ingredients?
A)       Tomato, garlic, onions, olive oil, canola oil, fresh basil, salt, and black pepper  

Q)        When do I have to select the options and does TSC need anything ahead of time?
A)        We do not need anything ahead of time- when you arrive, we will get the party started on the field/court and about 5-10 minutes into the party, we will discuss the options with you. If you want additional pizza, you may order it at that time!

Q)        Can I bring balloons or other decorations, plates, etc.?
A)        Absolutely! We provide the plates, forks, spoons, napkins, cake cutter, pizza cutter, salt, pepper, and table coverings. You may use ours or bring your own!

Q)        What is required to book a party?
A)        We need some basic information to book and a $100 deposit is required.  The deposit is not refundable however if you cancel two weeks prior you may use it at TSC for any future use.  You may move your party to another available time if you find the initial date doesn’t work.

Q)        How many sports/activities can we play in the hour?
A)        You and your child can choose to do as many (or as few) things during the time on the court/field.  Most will choose two-three games for their play time. For example, some children want to play soccer the entire time, others want a combination of floor hockey and dodgeball, it’s up to you! These are just some of the options, but you may choose any sports & activities!

Q)        What options do we have for party rooms/areas?
A)        We have turf and courts available.  We have two birthday rooms: Boston Gahden (Celtics/Bruins themed) on the lower level, and Gillette Stadium and Fenway Park) upstairs that overlooks the facility.

Q)        Do we bring candles, matches? 
A)        You may, or we always have additional at the facility for you to have.

Q)        What if I pick the Deluxe or Super Deluxe but want to add another option from the list?
A)        You may add any option for $2 per child!

Q)        What if I want extra time on the field or court?
A)        Rates are $75 per half hour for field or court and must be reserved at the time of booking to make sure there is space. We suggest this option for parties with a lot of kids to have plenty of play time and older parties that an hour just won't be enough!

Q)        Do I have to buy a cake through Short & Sweet Bakery?
A)        No, you may bring your own celebration material or order a cake and have it at the center for you, your choice.  Cakes are not a part of our standard packages.

Q)        What can I do about a party guest who has a food allergy?
A)        We have optional food (hot dogs, nuggets) and you may order gluten free pizza, no cheese pizza or no sauce pizza if needed.  We order pizza through Maves Kitchen, you may contact them to ensure any food allergy issues are addressed.  We discuss all this with you after the children begin play.

Q)        How do I discuss/order a cake?
A)        Go to the Short & Sweet page for examples of Amanda’s work as well as her contact information!

Q)        Can I still get extra pizza for kids and adults?
A)        Yes, we will do the order about 10 minutes into the party.

Q)         What CAN'T I bring?
A)         You are not able to bring pizza or alcohol to the party.  We do offer beer and wine for sale for all adults over 21!